Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival

Largs Bay resident Yogi Devgan is an award-winning indie short film writer and director with a passion for making a difference. He’s had his work played in festivals around the world, with his latest work “Buddy” currently being shown overseas.


After getting setbacks when trying to take part in other film festivals, he went out on his own and decided to do things differently with a strong message. He recently received a grant from the City of PAE to run a brand new film festival in Semaphore, that focuses on diversity and inclusion, and to help others that get looked over by the bigger events.


“The Australian population is a mix of different cultures, ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQIA+, and people with disabilities. The ‘Port Adelaide Diversity and Inclusion Film Festival’, encourages people from these backgrounds to come together under one roof to celebrate and be a part of a new society and culture.”