PAE Update

The Port Adelaide Diversity & Inclusion Film Festival will be showing at Semaphore Odeon on 26 August, sponsored by the City of PAE. It is tradition for film festivals to have a unique laurel which films can display to show that they have taken part in the event.
Festival organiser and Largs Bay local, Yogi Devgan, told us, “My idea was to have our film festival logo in Aboriginal colours to respect the culture and the land where this festival is taking place, and for it to be something unique to capture the spirit of what we are trying to achieve with this film festival.”
The artwork was created by Ashleigh Anne Bruza, who wanted to create something traditional yet representative of what the festival is all about.
“The laurel colours represent the traditional owners who have built the foundations for First National people and the fire we carry on through the generations.”
She explained, “Stars (circles with dots around) represent First Nation connection to our ancestors and spiritually. Community circles (circles with u and I shapes around) represent the different communities and diversity groups. The slightly larger one that meets in the middle represents coming together as one to share our culture and stories”.
The original artwork, and a short ‘making of’ documentary, will be displayed at the PADI film festival at the Odeon theatre in Semaphore on the 26 August 2022 from 6pm. Visit Port Adelaide Diversity & Inclusion Film Festival page for more information and tickets.