The PORT ADELAIDE DIVERSITY & INCLUSION FILM FESTIVAL was born to great success in 2022. Our mission is to recognise and showcase films that represent cultural diversity, and underrepresented and minority groups in our communities.

The festival is a vehicle for social change – a place where diverse voices are included to make a change to build a better future.

Every Filmmaker who belongs to a minority group or culture should get an equal opportunity to showcase their work, this festival has been created to provide them with a platform and opportunity. The judges are from diverse backgrounds and seek to encourage and support the making of diverse and inclusive Australian films.

Unveiling the Epic Saga of Our Laurel "Galaxy"


There is a noticeable absence of content that accurately portrays the rich cultural diversity found in Australian society on screen. It is essential to acknowledge and highlight films that authentically depict the myriad cultural backgrounds within our nation, as well as showcase underrepresented and marginalized groups within our communities.

PADIFF stands out from other film festivals due to its unique approach and focus. Unlike many traditional film festivals, PADIFF places a strong emphasis on promoting and celebrating underrepresented and minority voices within the film industry. Here are some key differences:

  1. Diversity Emphasis: PADIFF is dedicated to showcasing films that highlight diversity in all its forms, including cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, and sexual diversity. It actively seeks out and supports filmmakers who tell stories from underrepresented perspectives.

  2. Inclusivity: The festival is committed to creating an inclusive environment for  filmmakers, and give them opportunity to showcase their work which you might not see in other platforms.

  3. Educational Component: PADIFF will  include educational programs and discussions alongside its film screenings. These components help raise awareness about diversity and inclusion in the film industry and society at large.

  4. Community Engagement: The festival actively engages with local communities and organizations to foster a sense of unity and shared purpose. It often collaborates with grassroots initiatives and community leaders to extend its reach and impact.

  5. Awards and Recognition: PADIFF may offer awards that specifically acknowledge outstanding contributions to diversity and inclusion in filmmaking. This recognition helps encourage and promote filmmakers who are pushing boundaries and challenging norms.

In summary, PADIFF differentiates itself by its unwavering commitment to celebrating diversity, promoting inclusivity, and giving a platform to underrepresented voices in the world of cinema.

We would like to clarify that we do not own or operate any event venues. As an organization committed to promoting inclusivity and accessibility, we acknowledge that our ability to secure fully accessible venues may be limited due to resource constraints. 

Our previous event took place at the Odeon Star Semaphore, a historic cinema with limited wheelchair accessibility due to its age and heritage. In an effort to promote inclusivity, we ensured that all three screenings featured the same films. Additionally, we provided free online streaming options for the event to accommodate those who may face accessibility challenges at the physical venue.

However, we want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to making our events as accessible as possible within our means. While we may not control the physical accessibility of the venues we utilize, we actively work to ensure that our events are inclusive and accommodating to individuals with diverse needs. We strive to provide alternative solutions and assistance wherever feasible to enhance the accessibility of our events for all attendees.

  • The PADI film festival Laurel

    The PADI film festival is honored to have our uniquely designed laurel for our official selection, honorary, nominated and award films designed by the amazing Ashleigh Anne Bruza.

    The laurel colours represent the traditional owners who have built the foundations for First National people and the fire we carry on through the generations that continue Aboriginal and Torres Strait people being the oldest living culture. Stars (Circles with dots around) represent First Nation connection to our ancestors and spiritually. Community circles (circles with u and I shapes around) represent the different communities/diversity groups. The slightly larger one that meets in the middle represents coming together as one to share our culture/stories.

    The PADIFF team would also like to thank the incredible people at Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute for their help and support and the inspirational space provided for the creation of the laurel.

Reports produced by the Screen Diversity Inclusion Network (SDIN) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) clearly show a big gap in equality. AFDIF would like to raise awareness about this and create opportunities for those who have been neglected. We understand that blaming the system will not initiate change. Change can only happen if we create more platforms which are easy to access.